Saturday, September 1, 2007

So Much to Celebrate, So Little Time

I know that I said that I would post pictures of Mary Kate's graduation party soon, but I have been so busy the last few weeks... I'll try to recap the highlights for you. We'll start with my sisters graduation. This is Mary Kate's graduation announcement, I was excited that she asked me to design them:Over 40 guests showed up for Mary Kate's send off party... it was a great time fellowshipping with family and friends and celebrating her achievement. The day after the party my grandmother and mom drove to Rogers, Arkansas with her to help her move into her new house and get settled before starting her new job.

The next Saturday Daddy, Beth, and Carson came to visit and we took Carson on his first trip to the zoo to see all the animals which he loved (when he wasn't acting like he was too scared to look at them). Meanwhile, my mom was making her way to London. She will be over there for the next 5 weeks helping my aunt Ceree settle into her new home and watching after Tyler. It sounds as though she is having a wonderful time although she has been a little homesick and Tyler has been ill. Please keep them all in your prayers, I'm sure it is a hard transition for all of them to be in a new country.

Last Monday night a sweet family from our church invited Ben and I to dinner. We had an excellent meal and my favorite dessert, Kentucky Derby Pie! After dinner we moved to the living room and Ben played the piano while we all sang hymns. This little family is so musically talented, they even sang a few songs for us in perfect harmony. They said that they often "jammed" together in the evening. We felt so blessed to get a little glimpse into their lives and that the Lord has placed such loving people into our life.

Our final big event this week was the birth of John Mark and Laura's little Wesley Clint. He was born last night at 7:31 weighing 8lbs 4oz and 21 inches long. He is very cute. So far Laura & baby are doing well, but please keep them in your prayers as they make the transition from the hospital to home with a brand new life in their care. Please also pray for safe travel for John Mark's family as they come to visit and care for this new little family.
Made by Lena