Monday, March 23, 2009

Then and Now

My sophomore year in college I lived in a suite with 7 of my friends. It was a fun year and Stacey still gets us all together once or twice a year. I have had to miss the past two times so it was especially good for me yesterday to catch up with these girls and hear what the Lord is doing in their lives and see their beautiful families. We had a great day reliving some of our UTM antics and reminiscing about the good ol' days.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Play Date with Story

We've had a busy weekend so far my mom (Nana) came up last night to get some Rex time in... I'd love to say that she came to see us, but really Rex was the object of her attention. We don't mind, we've learned to live with the fact that we are upstaged.

Rachael and Story Vaden came by this afternoon for a play date. Rex and Story were so cute together. They just talked to one another and smiled at each other. Story is so dainty and sweet and makes cute little girl squeal and yodels we aren't used to hearing (Rex is a grunter). Here are some pictures of our day.Rex and Story getting re-aquainted with each other. I think they will be friends! (Yes, cut all my hair off, not sure what I was thinking at the time.)Sometimes Rex wasn't quite sure what to do with Story and her emotions... he'll likely never figure it out.Story pointing her dainty little feet...already so girly... I love it!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I was hired by the Hope Pregnancy Center in August to start a mentoring program for teen moms. I worked on developing it before Rex was born and the plan was to launch the program November 12... well, we all know Rex came 4 weeks early and I started maternity leave at the end of October. I went back to work in January with a new plan of launching our program March 12 (last Thursday) which I had to cancel because of snow... well, finally, after it's long journey, Mom2Mom has finally launched! We had a great night of fellowship and getting to know one another. We have teen moms and mentors who are excited about being apart of this program... the Lord is moving in this ministry.

Please pray for the girls in the Mom2Mom program, that the Lord will call them to Himself and continue to shape them into the mothers He wants them to be. For the mentors, that they will be open to the Holy Spirit in their relationships with these young moms-to-be. Please pray for the girls who have been given information about the program, but have not yet committed, that God would show them their need for Him and for a mentor. And finally please pray for me and my leadership team as we oversee and run this ministry.

We still have needs for mentors, groups/individuals to provide meals for monthly meetings, volunteers to lead life-skill lessons, funds, and some new baby gear for our store. Please pray about how you might fit into this ministry.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Catching Up

I have gotten so behind...some of our recent accomplishments are: Celebrated Carson's 4th birthday, Ben and I celebrated our 6th V-day together...but more excitingly our 1st with Rex, Rex's baby dedication at church, we officially switched to cloth diapers (a whole world of possibilities I didn't really know existed and honestly would have made fun of pre-Rex), Ben and I both turned 27 (that sounds so close to 30, but I was reminded that it's still 3 whole years away), and Rex rolled over from his back to his belly (the cheering in our house rivaled that of winning the big game, tummy time has paid off), Rex also has begun to cut his first teeth (I can't believe my little guy is old enough to have teeth... 4 months have gone by so quickly).

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