Monday, January 26, 2009

Football Fan and Bedtime Man

One of our sweet friends from Taylorsville made Rex a blanket and TN burp cloth. We set him up with them to get some pictures to send in the thank you note and discovered he is a true UT fan!Go Big Orange!

Rex spent his first night in his room last night... I think it was a more monumental event for me than for him. Up to this point he has been in our room in the pack and play where just hearing him breath and stir around gives me comfort and peace of mind. However, it was time for him to move down the hall to his very own room. He has consistantly been sleeping through the night and Ben's alarm wakes him up every morning. It's fun to watch him grow and develop, but sometimes it can be a little sad too. He looks so much smaller in his big boy crib than his does on his pack and play.Sleeping soundly in he sleep sack thanks to Brent and Cortney!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thanks For Your Prayers

Thanks to everyone who prayed for our little Rex yesterday. He did such a good job and did not even fuss much before or after his surgery (which makes us thankful for what a good, easy-going baby he is). Everything went fine during his surgery, when they got in there they realized they only had to repair one side which is a huge blessing. He woke up without any complications, and besides being hungry and tried was a happy baby. He was even smiling and flirting with the nurses when he was moved to a room. He is a tough little guy and we praise the Lord that there were no complications. I will say, one of the hardest things I have ever done was handing him over to the nurse before his surgery.

Here's some pictures from yesterday:

They gave Rex little Vanderbilt PJs to wear before his surgery. He was so cute in them and so hungry. We couldn't feed him past 7am and it was after 1pm before they came and got him. We've never seen his belly to empty.
Gigi (Cindy) got him a seahorse that lights up and plays music and ocean sounds. He really likes it and it lulled him to sleep last night each time the nurses woke him up to check on him.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Making Up for Lost Time

I got a new camera for Christmas (Canon PowerShot A1000IS in blue) and it has made it so much fun to take pictures of Rex. Don't get me wrong, I love taking pictures with my D50, but it's not always convenient. I love that I can throw this little point and shoot in my diaper bag and have it at hand whenever a photo-op pops up. Here are some current pics of our little guy.

A couple of weeks ago he started smiling when you talk to him and cooing. When we sit him in his bouncy seat he just stares and the cow and bird and smiles at them and talks to them. We haven't been able to get his full smile on camera, but here are some cute grins.

Fun relaxing with Daddy... one of Rex's favorite pastimes.
We took him for his 2 month check up Friday. He is growing and progressing wonderfully! He was 9.8 lbs which still just puts him in the 3% for weight and is 21 inches long which puts him in the 1% for height, but his growth curve looks really good and is actually steeper than average. He's just making up for lost time and should be caught up with his peer size wise by the time he is about 5 or 6 months.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ben's Graduation

I know I start every blog out like this, but once again I am behind the times when it comes to posting blogs. Ben graduated from Southern Seminary with his MDiv on Friday, December 12. It was a very cold day and I ended up having to walk quite some distance alone with Rex, so needless to say my camera didn't make the journey. We had a wonderful time with friends and family. I am so proud of Ben for this accomplishment. I got these pictures from my friend Rachael's facebook page. We're proud of both accomplishments, the babies and the grads!Rex and Story's first date (Rex was actually not very happy for the pictures, we later discovered it was because he had pooped up his back... I think he was upset because he was embarrassed in front on his date.)

Me and Rachael Before and After:
Made by Lena