Monday, August 2, 2010

The Road to Port St. Joe

I have had a crazy few days to say the least... on Thursday night, after sewing for 5 hours, I realized that I had kidney fun. The rumor is true, at some points it is just about as bad as labor pains. In the midst of all that, Friday and Saturday was Ben's 10 year reunion. I know Ben had a great time catching up with old classmates and we both enjoyed spending time with the Moores and the Vadens. We left the reunion to load up our car and head to FL to meet Ben's family. We drove through the night and arrived early Sunday morning. We are having a great time. The house is absolutely beautiful... I really feel like I am in a Pottery Barn catalog... I will post pictures in my next post.

Here are some pictures of our time so far:
Rachyl Ann and Rex
Sweet little sandy toes... they remind Ben of cinnamon sugar donuts
Walking in Daddy's of his favorite things to do
It has become increasingly hard to snap a picture of Rex, he either looks away to closes his eyes...I did manage to get a couple of good ones though.
I really like taking pictures of boats these days
Below is a picture of the back of our beach house
Made by Lena