Sunday, September 19, 2010

Family Experiment- No Spend October

oI desperately want to live a more simple life... but I find myself looking for more "things" to make my life simpler and I know that this desire to gather more "stuff" is the exact opposite of what I want. As I was checking the blog world, I came across this challenge on Small Notebook and decided it was just what we needed to break the vicious cycle of stuff.

Sooo... Ben and I have declared October a No Spend Month
Here is our challenge to ourselves: 3 people, 31 days, $250
This means in October we are going to budget just $250 for all food & eating out, gas, clothing, household necessities, & entertainment. We will, of course, still pay our bills, tithe, and pay for any health emergencies that may come up in October.

So, why am I throwing this out into the blog-osphere?
1. We need your accountability... we still have almost 2 weeks left in September to change our minds, but by putting this out there, you know our plans and can hold us accountable. I will also blog each week to let you know our progress and how much we have spent.
2. I want to challenge you to join us in No Spent October. Every family is different, you may be able to spend less or you may have to budget more... whatever your dollar amount is, can you cut your discretionary spending to the bare essentials, really learn the difference in what you need and what you want, and take a step to simplify your life?

Wether or not you are ready to jump on board, I encourage you to go to Simple Notebook and read her articles about No Spend Month. She shares her goals, what she has learned, and tips for making it work for you.
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