Sunday, August 5, 2007

Home At Last...But Where's Our Stuff?

We returned very early this morning (2 am) from our trip to Norfolk, VA to see Brandon. We started our vacation Monday evening by traveling to Clarksville after I got off work and flew out of Nashville early Tuesday morning. The next few days were filled with golf for the guys and hanging out at the beach for Cindy and me. On Wednesday night Ben preached at Going Public, the youth service at FBC Norfolk. He did a wonderful job. We had a marvelous time hanging out with each other and a few of the Norfolk folks. Our adventure home started yesterday with 5 unexpected hours to kill at the Philadelphia airport (luckily there was a shopping mall in the airport) and ended with no luggage in Nashville. Pete and Cindy's luggage was delivered to their house, but ours is still M.I.A.. I tell you getting ready in the morning is much faster when you have no hair dryer, flat iron, or make up. We're glad to be home, but we miss our stuff!!!

I had hoped to post pictures of our vacation all this week, but I did not even take my camera out of it's case. I very literally did nothing but sit on the beach and read and relax and it was WONDERFUL!

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