Monday, October 13, 2008

Buying Presents for Santa

Beth told me that they took Carson to ToysRUs last weekend so he could pick out some things to ask Santa for. First of all, he wanted to get a buggy to put all the things in that they were going to buy for Santa. Beth explained that is not how it works and they continued shopping. Carson was able to to pick out a lot that he wanted for Christmas and was so excited he started dancing around. He then said "Oh Mommy, I have to pee, I have to pee" and before she could do anything about it he followed with "Oh Mommy, I am, I am." He then explained that it was just and accident and they happen and it is okay. Beth soon discovered from the efficiency of the ToysRUs staff to handle to situation that this sort of thing must happen often.

Here's the question that I am posing. What do we get so excited about that we lose all since of control? What events are things are we most looking forward to? Answering these questions may give us a clue to the state and allegiance of our hearts and help us figure out if our desires have turned into sinful demands. Ponder for a moment and ask God to show you things in your heart that may need to be changed.

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