Friday, February 19, 2010

Helping with the Laundry

Rex is big on helping and cleaning these days. He'll go to his room and get a wash rag and start wiping down everything in sight. He also likes to pull all of his clothes out of his draws and "put them on." He thinks if it goes over his head he is wearing it, so he walks around with clothes around the back of his neck all the time. This day he decided to help with the laundry by pulling all the clean clothes onto the floor and taking his pants off. He thought this was very funny.This is his "cheese" face. When everyone is laughing or he thinks something is funny he squats down and makes this face... it cracks us up every time, which in turn makes him do it more.


Mindy said...

Ella does the same thing with the rags & pulling the clean clothes out of the basket or her drawers.
Love his 'cheese' face!

Anonymous said...

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