Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Peace Offering

This morning I watched Brandon and Kara's new puppy, Libby. Chloe was not very fond of her at first. I really think that she just doesn't like dogs that are smaller than her (She was scared to death of my aunts chihuahua last Christmas even though she was half her size). Chloe seemed to be getting frustrated with Libby because she wasn't playing like she wanted her to. She looked up at me as if to say "what is this thing you have brought into my house and when is it leaving?!?"

Then the most amazing thing happen. Chloe went over to her toy bucket and got out her favorite lamb toy and gave it to Libby to play with, sort of like a peace offering.
The rest of the morning they played together just fine. This made me ponder... who am I frustrated with because they didn't do something my way... to whom do I need to extend a peace offering? As humans it is so easy to hold a grudge against someone who has wronged us, hurt us, or just plain annoys us. But, as Christians we are called to forgive and show grace just as Christ has done for us. Is there anyone in your life that needs a peace offering from you?


Emily Doss said...

Great post- very thought provoking.

Steph said...

heeeyyy!! i love that i found your blog! (you have awesome insight.) it was so good to see you and the group yesterday.... talk to you soon!

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