Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's A Boy

We had our ultrasound and doctor's appointment on Thursday and found out that we are having a boy. We are so excited! Everything looked good at our appointment and our little guy measured out one day older than he really is. We have a sweet picture of his little foot. We could see all 5 toes and they look like Ben's (the second toe is longer than the big toe). Ben could not stop looking at his own feet after I pointed it out...I think he was amazed that his son already takes after him (to read Ben's thoughts on all this, visit his blog at www.benreed.net). He has long legs (also like Ben) and we could see him sucking his thumb. They put the ultrasound on a DVD for us and I can't tell you how many times I have watched it, in awe at God's handy work.My 19th week of pregnancy started Sunday; which, according to my books, begins the 5th month. Above is a picture of what I look like at 5 months pregnant ... I'm defiantly starting to look it. I didn't sign up for one of those websites that give you progress of your baby's development each month...sometimes with those it seems more like you are growing a vegetable garden rather than a baby. But, for your information at 19 weeks our little guy is about 6 inches long and about the size of a grapefruit. Next week he should be about 10 inches long and weigh about 10.5 oz (about the size of a banana or carrot). He has also made some pretty impressive milestones:
At 3 month he developed bones and muscle and his kidneys started to function.
At 4 months his ears finished developing, he could flex his arms and legs, and his teeth were forming under his gums.
This month, his bones have become strong enough that I have started to feel him move (he actually kicked to ultrasound tech and I have been able to feel him ever since). He is growing toe nails and the hair he will be born with. He can hear now, and his taste buds are starting to form.
The Lord is defiantly amazing... the fact that he knit me together in my mothers womb has taken on a whole new meaning.


The Smiths said...

I am so exctied for the both of you! Have you picked out a name yet? I will keep you in my prayers along with everyone else that I know that is pregnant.
Kelly Castleman Smith

Mindy said...

Yay! A boy! Being pregnant/having a baby definitely makes you even more aware of God's awesomeness. Even after they're born it takes a while for your brain to catch up & grasp that God created this wonderful little person from the two of you. And, that wonder and awe doesn't wain with subsequent children - if anything, I think I am more in awe with Ella than I was with Wesley.
Anyways, congratulations, again!

Joseph, Emily, and Austin said...

Congratulations, Laura! I just happened to find your blog through the another blog that Joseph pointed out to me. Little boys are so much fun. Watch out, though, they can be pretty wild. Austin is almost two, and he is quite an energetic little child.

Take care,
Emily Gould

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