Monday, December 29, 2008

Prayer for Rex

Please keep our little guy in your prayers. We noticed a knot on him when we were changing his diaper last week and it turns out that he has a little inguinal hernia. We caught it before it became inflamed or infected so it is not a emergency situation but he is going to have to have surgery to repair it. We we to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital today to have a consult with his surgeon. All went well and his procedure is scheduled for January 13. Normally it is an outpatient surgery but since he is a preemie they will keep him for 24 hours to watch for apnea spells. Over all hernias are fairly common in premature boys and his procedure is routine.

We couldn't resist taking his picture today in his little hospital gown. It just proves he is cute in everything he wears. (We took the picture with Ben's cell phone so the picture quality is not that great).


David and Lori Plus 8 said...

Who's your doc? We know most of them pretty well in urology (as well as 5 other clinics!) We are down at Vandy at least once a week...many surgeries for the twins down will be wonderfully taken care of. Praying for you all.

Ben and Laura Reed said...

Thanks Lori. Our doc is Dr. Neblett, I think he is in general surgery. We liked him a lot today and Dr. Prine had good things to say about him.

Ron Edmondson said...

When it's your little guy nothing is "routine", so we'll be praying for Mommy (and Daddy) too.

Anonymous said...

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