Wednesday, April 21, 2010

London Trip- Day 9 & Extension

Monday, we went into London to try to see the few more places that we wanted to see on our last day. We went to Big Ben, Westminster Abby, and Buckingham Palace, but did not tour any of them. We also went to the British Museum and saw the Rosetta Stone and some other neat things. Airways were still closed and we were hoping with all hope that they would open before our flight... then we got the discouraging news that our flight had been cancelled. They said that even if the airways opened like they were supposed to, we would have no plane to get on because it was still in the US.

As it turns out, only 3 plane flew out of London Tuesday morning before they closed airways again. We decided to make the best of our day and go into London and try to catch a play. We walked around a shopping area called Covent Garden for a while, then went through the remainder of Harrod's, and saw Les Miserables. Fun day and a wonderful play, but in our hearts we just wanted to be home. I've missed Rex the whole time that we have been gone, but I had peace in knowing that he was well-cared for, and that if something happened I could get back to him. The unknown of when or how we might get home, and knowing that we couldn't if he needed us has made me more homesick for him than ever.

So where do we stand today...waiting. The air ban has been lifted and flights have been coming in and out of London for a little over 12 hours. As you might imagine after 6 days of canceled flights, the airports are crazy and everything is booked solid. We are booked on the first available flight, but it isn't until Monday, April 26 (though we are blessed to be on that flight. It was booked for us a few days ago. I have heard that flights are now booked up for 2 weeks or more). The hope is that at least one of us could make it out before Monday, but that possiblity is looking slim.

All of that to say, we are in the best possible situation to be stranded. We are staying with family and are not in need of anything. Rex has grandparents lining up to take him... and who were maybe secretly hoping we would get stuck a few extra days so they could have more time with him. We are not sleeping on the floor of an airport eating McDonald's everyday... this is true for some who have been stranded for the entire air ban.

Please pray that the skies will remain clear and that we would be able to get home soon and safely. Our flight path home does go over Iceland... which makes me nervous, so pray that the volcano is sealed and stops erupting.
Also, Ben was supposed to launch several new community groups on Sunday. With the real possibility that he will not be back in time, Connect has been handed off to other staff members. Please pray that it will run smoothly and that folks will be able to get signed up for groups without any problems.

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