Thursday, April 22, 2010

London Trip- Extension & Home

If you haven't heard the good news... we are going home tomorrow... both of us will be back in Nashville at 3:12 Friday afternoon! We are so excited to be back in America and hold and kiss our little Rex... it's been way too long.

Today we took a train to Oxford and took a C.S. Lewis tour. Our to
ur guide knew C. S. Lewis (Jack is what he called him) when he was a boy and was friend with Lewis' stepson. It was neat to get a first hand account of what Oxford and C. S. Lewis were like then... a very fun and interesting day. Here are some pictures of some of the highlights:
Above: Sitting in the pew Lewis and his brother sat in for years... they always got to church early and left while the service was still going on... it was thought that they left so they could be first in line at the pub across the street.
Above: J.R.R. Tolkin's house... the garage behind us was his library and where he wrote the Lord of the Rings.
Above: The path you see on the other side of the river is call Addison's Walk and is where Lewis accepted Christ. We weren't actually able to walk the path because it is part of the college campus below.
The college where Lewis taught English for many years.
The woods behind Lewis' house that is thought to be the inspiration for the Land of Narnia... Lewis used to sit on the same bench below and watch the lake.
Above: Lewis' house

Above: The Rabbit Room at the Eagle and Child Pub is where C. S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkin, and the other "Inklings" met every Tuesday morning to discuss what they were writing. They called it "the Bird and Baby".

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